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Hi friends, 

I am so happy you're here. Whether you found me through a friends, social media, or just seem to have landed on my page, I call this Divine timing. My name is TerryLee and I am an intuitive channel. I connect with Spirit to share messages of the highest good, for you for me and for the collective. I channel messages from your team of guides, angels and departed loved ones, and I am deeply humbled to share these messages and join together in love. 


I share many messages on my VLOGs including the new series Spiritual Life Coaching and post blogs when I get a chance. Sharing light is a purpose I am honored to fulfill. Feel free to reach out and connect with me.

All my love - Always in all ways.


New Meditations

“Terrylee has a direct and divine light into the Angelic and Spirit Realms. She emanates a warm grace as she holds space for you during her sessions. 

My reading gave me gentle reminders of areas within my life that I needed to embrace, in order to bring in balance and harmony. 

Speaking with her, you can feel that she is a direct descendant from the Angelic Realm. 


I highly recommend Terrylee for a reading, because she speaks from her heart and leads with her soul.”


-Jane Dance

Victoria, BC 


I recently had a reading with Terry-Lee and I am lost for words as to how to express my gratitude to her. I went into the reading not quite sure what to expect. I received so much clarity during my reading. Terry-Lee would share things that she didn’t understand but made perfect sense to me. The things she was sharing were so aligned with so many things I have been experiencing recently. I loved that Terry-Lee didn’t change the tone behind the messages she was getting. Wether my guides/ spirit were being a little bit tough and direct or nurturing and soft, that’ is exactly how the messages were being relayed. The messages I received were exactly what I was needing to hear and have opened my eyes to so much that I had been closed minded to see. I can’t thank Terry-Lee enough for sharing her gift with me. I am so grateful to have stumbled upon her so many years ago.


Ontario CAN


Recent Blogs


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