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About the book

When her son was first diagnosed with autism, TerryLee knew that there was more beyond the diagnosis of ASD that needed to be shared. With the help of Spirit, we discover the messages that those on the spectrum have come forth to teach us; freedom.

This co-creation will guide parents and caretakers to unveil the gift that is autism, go beyond the physical, and learn the answers to the many questions this author had carried for years. With the help of her son, she shares the important destiny ASD has to share with us.



TerryLee is an international intuitive guide and medium born and raised in Canada. A mother to three beautiful souls, and a passion for learning that set forth an unshakable knowing and journey to help as many children as possible. You can find out more (@author.terrylee) or listen to a guided meditation on the side and YouTube page. (@terryleej)

With this inspiration to learn and grow, she dedicates her time to empowering children everywhere; through books and guided meditations.



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