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I AM Always Taken Care Of

This children’s illustration is giving awareness to parents, and children seeking answers beyond the veil. In this new age book, we learn that the root to childhood anxiety can be cradled with love, compassion, and reassurance. Seeking answers for her own daughter, this intuitive guide channels the messages that would not only relieve the anxiety of her own child but for children everywhere, that we are always guided, safe and taken care of.

About the Author

Terry-Lee is an international intuitive guide and medium. A mother to three
beautiful souls, and a passion for learning that set forth an unshakable knowing
and journey to help as many children as possible who suffer from anxiety. With
the guidance, compassion and love from Spirit, Terry-Lee shares her messages
with all parents that the answers to overcoming fear is love.

Where to purchase your copy

I AM Always Taken Care Of is available on the Pegasus Publisher Website, Balboa Press website, Barns & Nobles, Amazon, and Indigo Chapters. Please check your local book store for more information. 

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