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"I want to learn and/or improve my meditation practice, but I'm not sure where to begin!"
"I would love to meditate, I just don't have time." 

Learning meditation might seem intimidating mainly because we expect so much from ourselves, and if we don't live up to our own expectation we feel like we just can't. This is a very common response when we get attached to the outcome of a situation; Meditation is the complete opposite. Meditation is returning the mind-body-soul to its natural state of rhythm by simply being present.  


"Meditation is hanging out with your soul"

I want to help you experience the sense of inner peace, pure joy, stillness and unconditional love that meditation can provide for you, to not only help you feel more balanced, refreshed and renewed, but to allow you to reconnect with your true Divine self. 

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Mentor Meditation Program - Terrylee Pepin
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**Registration seats at 10 - Date: April 1 2022**


Take a look at what some past students had to say!

"This program has honestly changed so much in my life. It has given me a new perspective on my life. I now make myself a priority, taking me time every day. I have found a new understanding of myself and for my life." 
"This program was more than learning to meditate. Terrylee became someone I could share so much with. She challenged me within my meditation practice and in my everyday life. She offered herself so freely to the program. She was everything a mentor encompasses and so much more."

"Thank you so much for all that you do. I have come to realize the importance of taking time out of my day to meditate and work on me. The techniques that you have taught me I’ll help me in my healing journey. You have an amazing soul. Thank you!! I have come out of this more positive and have learned a lot about who I am." -Donna

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift of this 6-week program!" -Kim

"I think the program is for sure a great starting point for those who have never meditated before. For those who say that they don't know how to or how to make the time to meditate. I also strongly feel that the journalling exercise goes hand in hand with the meditations. You can actually witness your progression through the journaling. I like the live videos, and I loved the personal messages the most!"


Let me connect you with your team of Spirit guides to give you the guidance you seek to either get started on your meditation journey and/or to make a stronger connection to your team and the present moment. 


          About my experience
Meditation has always been intriguing for me. It wasn't until my anxiety reached an all-time high where my soul was calling out for time to restore itself. I needed a time out. I always felt exhausted no matter how long I slept. Before discovering my meditation practice, I sought any external healing, book or modality to fix this anxiety because some part of me thought meditation was unattainable for my busy mind. I couldn't find time to sit quietly, and it became a vicious cycle of guilt and wanting. It wasn't before long that I discovered just how powerful yet graceful meditation can become when I changed my limiting beliefs on the topic. If I could give you one piece of advice, it's that you are worthy of this time. I was very fortunate to discover just how easy and natural the state of meditation came to me. From then on my meditation practice has and continues to evolve every day. Meditation is apart of my everyday life, just as it is to drink water or shower. To meditate is to give and spend time with your soul, listening without judgment, and creating a bond like no other relationship; with yourself. Love grows, light shines, and happiness radiates. 

What you will get from the program:

  • One on One soul meditation counseling with me!

  • Your own private web page to connect with me, have access to your guided messages, and meditations!

  • Private access to a Facebook group to connect with others in the program, and be apart of LIVE chat sessions!

  • Evolving your meditation practice, and grow on a soul level, and learn new meditation techniques.

  • Enjoy the guided messages your Spirit team has for you every week.

  • Receive the guidance you need to evolve your meditation practice!

  • Increase your intuition and take a journey to discover your higher-self!

  • Have fun!


Applying for the program

If you feel a strong urge to learn more about meditation and the chance to gain some clarity and insight from not only your team of spirit guides but my beautiful team as well then go ahead and register below.

The program start date is April 1, 2022 and will run for 6 weeks. 

The program is very limited to 10 seats per 6-week session. 
Once registrations are received, you will be contacted by email to secure your spot in the program! If no response is received I will proceed to the next applicant.

Please include your first and last name, email address to contact you at, a little about yourself, and why this program would benefit you!

I can't wait to work with you and watch you EVOLVE!

                                                                                  Much love,


Terrylee Pepin 1_edited.png

Register Below

Fill out the form below to register for the Meditation Program
Start Date : New Moon of April 1, 2022
6 week program

Cost of program 199$

Please allow 48 hours for response.

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