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First blog entry.

I go by the name Terrylee. I am a mother, wife, daughter, and friend to many. I have always wanted to start a blog but the idea never stuck until just recently. I am the kind of gal who loves a good journal, sharp pencil, and a hot beverage in my hands, if they are not busy holding toddler toys and messes to spare.. I wouldn't trade those messes for anything though! I have such a deep love for those voices calling me mommy; they are my entire universe.

I have a wonderful hardworking husband, who I love immensely. He is my rock, he keeps me grounded and brings me back down to earth when I start going off on a topic. Of course everyone has spats in a healthy relationship, but he is the man I crave when we are in disagreement, the man I crave for his touch when he is absent. His loyalty is treasure, and I am truly grateful that we found each other so early on in this lifetime, to spend together.

I grew up with a courageous Mother who for most of my life played both parental roles. I am who I am today because of her. Growing up, we struggled, it was a steep up hill battle that we fought, and concurred. She has taught me, and still teaches me new things about myself on my journey. I am proud to say that we have relationship that most don't get to experience, but there is always flaws in every relationship. No one is perfect, and everyone is a student of the universe. I love my mother for who she truly is. Growing up I remember writing tasks in school about about who you want to become, and who you looked up to, and my Mom was always my answer. My bestfriend. I come from a large family, with many siblings. Those were the greatest childhood memories I will cherish in my lifetime.

My father was absent for most of my upbringing, though I do recall some fun times we shared before I was eight. From then on, after my parents separated, like any other child, I suffered from the drama, and realizations of what had taken place. I was full of hatred for this man, I loathed him, and his new female friend, and everyone that surrounded him. I fully believe in my heart that this needed to take place for the next 9 years, because it was one of the biggest obstacles I have faced. It was an open wound that could never heal, and the memories would burn a fire of anger within me. I was 18 years old when I realized that if I could never forgive him, I would never heal. I would never have amazing relationships with those I love most because of him, and the fact that I couldn't let go. I held on to that grudge for so long it left permanent markings, and I can own up to those now. We are all humans with egos, and make mistakes. Everyone must answer for their actions one day, karmic debt is a viscous cycle, and I know he knows this. I love my father, I truly do. He might have missed out on most of my upbringing but he really is a caring, loving man, and I see him living what should have been me and brothers through my children all the time. My father wound is healed, and the scar is fading.

Growing up, I suffered from mental illnesses. I am definetly not ashamed to admit to this, as it has made me who I am today. During my teenage years, I suffered extreme anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. At the time I had no knowledge about why I suffered the way I did, I didn't want to live in my own body at a few points in life. Little did I know, that it was spirit trying to get my attention. It was not till recently I discovered that when you suffer anxiety, it is simply another spirit entering you aura. Two spirits in one aura causes tension, and has to be released in some way, which was fear and anxiety. Spirit is always there telling you it will be okay, breathe, start again.. I am thankful for every experience, as it made me aware of what I know today. It wasn't until 2 years ago, when I couldn't be alone in my own home with my children because I was so consumed by fear, that I needed answers. The activities I was experience were not inviting, it would fill me with fear and anxiety, just the thought that my husband had to leave for work, and I would be alone when the sun went down was overwhelming. If only I knew then what I know now.. but everything happends for a reason, and shortly after that I was put in contact with a woman named Lisa. Lisa changed my life. The way the universe orchestrated our paths to cross is truly humbling. I am thankful for Lisa, everytime I think about where I would be if I had not met her..(of course, we all know it was bound to happen since we did choose our life journey before we entered the world as a human) She has taught me a lot more then I think she knows, and I can not wait to see our relationship soar to new hights.

I am a Devine light worker growing to new heights everyday. I have found what those seek later on in life , and I am profoundly grateful to the universe for allowing me to uncover my spiritual journey early on this lifetime. We all have guides, and we all have the answers we seek within us! We are all spiritual beings learning life lessons, and know that you being here is a miracle itself! I have been on my journey for a few years now, and believe me when I say we are all students of the universe.

I have an amazing team of guides, and I am so blessed for their wisdom, guidance, and unconditional love. I personally do not label, I don't see the need to label when everything has its purpose, and so it may be. I am simply a vessel from the other side delivering messages to those who need it the most, for the greater good of their souls purpose. I must pause here to mention how *amazing* it is to see the validations being made, and the person receiving messages smile from ear to ear. My heart literally jumps for joy! This is what I truly love doing, and truly what I was brought here to do! (besides being a Mom, of course!) Which leads me to my next passion, Reiki. I am a Reiki level 2 practitioner, certified by not only a great friend, but the most amazing teacher I could have chosen, Lisa.

For those who may not have a clear understanding of Reiki, it is a universal healing, with the goal of improving the flow of energy through a person. The name Reiki (pronounces Ray-Key) means Universal Life Energy. My intention with this blog is to simply share my everyday experiences with those who might be going through a similar journey. It was created to help others find themselves along the way, and to share in a positive environment! I understand first hand not being able to really share, and not feeling like you are being heard. I posted a comment section under each blog for everyone to interact, in a positive loving environment! To support and love each other is so important! Be YOU <3 Till my next blog, Terrylee <3


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