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I am

"I AM The "I" that is me--you cannot see

You see only the form that you think is me.

This form that you see, will not always be;

but the "I" that is me--lives eternally. " -Mary Lou Van Atta

I was reading along in my book; There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem by Dr. Wayne Dyer, when I read the quote above as it popped out at me in the boldess letters. This quote depicts the understanding of each and everyone of us, in only four small lines.

Who am I? What is my life purpose? What is my true authentic self? These are all questions that I have been asking myself for a while, and let me tell you -- it takes a lot more time then one might think. There is so much more to these questions than meets the eye. I really found that for me to uncover these questions I needed to be in solitude for a while, and some might understand this, and some might not.. I reverted back to childhood thinking, and things I loved as a child that I could link to my adult life. For example, I had a slight obsession for rocks. Everywhere I went I needed a rock, and lonebehold today as an adult, I still love and carry crystals, gems, and rocks! My children might have a slight obsession as well! The point I am trying to bring out here is that, if you loved to garden as a child, then you need to do that now as an adult, and go find a greenhouse. If you loved being near the water, or the ocean, then you need to get back to what your innerchild loved doing! If you loved to collect buttons, then maybe your calling is to be a button designer, and when you do what you LOVE, you will find happiness, and riches beyond what you ever thought possible mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Your life purpose is something you can meditate on, and ask your guides, and angels to assist you in finding your calling in this life time. I knew I was here to help others. That is all I wanted to do was to help. However I looked to others to help me find the answers, when all along I already knew them.. Once you realise what you were brought here to do, life seems to always fall in the right place. If something doesn't feel right, don't do it! I am not saying because you dislike your job you should quite, I am saying to trust your heart, and that little voice telling you where you need to be <3

The Law of Attraction is something I firmly believe in. It is all about what you put out into the Universe, good intentions and bad ones. They always find there way back to you. If all you do is complain that you have no time, no money, poor clothing, a crapy car falling apart, that is exatcly what you will get, and then some. On the other hand, you can be ever so grateful for that 9.36$ in your bank account because it can provide you with bread and milk. You can be grateful for that 15 minute break between clients, and be thankful for that old coat that kept you toasty warm in our northern winter. Before starting your vehicle, you can thank it for getting you safely from point A to B. Every single thing you put out into the Universe you get back 10 folds. It is one thing to be grateful, and say thank you; but the emotion you put into that affirmation is EVERYTHING. You need to feel it. You need to ponder and go gee, what if I woke up tomorrow without running water? Being grateful is everything. An amazing book I highly recommend reading is The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. She is the author of the famous book The Secret. The Magic is a 28 day challenge for yourself that helps you become more aware of Gratitude, and the beauty that comes with it.

I started to do something personal for me, to wake up every morning and write down 5 things I am grateful for in a jounal. It shouldn't take up more then a few minutes, and if you are having a difficult time, start small, no pressure! Today I am grateful for my two eyes that opened, for my bed and warm blankets, for the sun, for my two legs touching the ground, for fresh air! Or even that ringing in the ear of our children yelling ever so early in the morning! Everyday find something different to be grateful for, it will become easier and easier! I hope everyone enjoys this beautiful weekend ahead, and can find happniess, and gratitude in the smallest of ways! I am grateful for YOU <3 Terrylee <3


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