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I was asking my guides to help me with a new blog this evening, and signs and symbols it is. Here I am 9:30 at night, relaxing thinking about the week that just passed by, when I stopped and wondered how many signs I had received. Just keep in mind, nothing is ever a coincidence! I asked on Monday to show me nature, specifically a lady bug. Who see's a lady bug in February? It doesn't mean that it has to be a living lady bug! Dreams, pictures, movies, everything and anything could be a sign. The day that I asked, I seen butterflies everywhere. The following day, we pulled into a gas station, and to my right out of my passenger window was sitting a squirrel. Just sitting there, long enough for a few pictures. Then I waited a few more days for my lady bug. I woke up this morning to the most bizarre dream, of, you guessed it! An orange lady bug. Not long after, my Mom came by for a visit. I have to pause here; My daughter is so intuitive for someone her age, it astounds me! I could be sitting down thinking of something completely out of the random, and she will just casually mention the same thing I was just thinking about a few moments before. Or I could just be having a lousy morning, and she will tell me how much she loves me more then any other day, and hug me often. She is something special! So back to my lady bug now.. She's sitting across from my Mom and just starts talking about how much she loves lady bugs, and that her lady bug pillow, that hasn't been seen in weeks, is under her bed! Then my Mom proceeds to tell her, that she almost bought the most beautiful sun catcher that is, a lady bug a few days ago.. Pause, if that wasn't a sign, then call me crazy. Sign and symbols, are everywhere, you just need to ask! A great medium once shared with me this analogy; If I was behind a clear glass, banging and screaming to catch your attention, but you brushed it off as just a noise, how long do you think I would remain there trying? Not forever. If you set out an intention for the week, or even the day, you will see them! Just don't set out to see a blue flower, then forget ;)

Some people often see repeating numbers. Every repeating number you see has a meaning that is specific to you, and you only. I don't believe there is a set definition for 222, or 555, or for me personally 1234, and 34.. 34 everywhere. Everyone has their own definition and individual perspectives! I firmly believe that these are messages from spirit guides, and angels helping you with any questions you have been asking lately, and pointing you in the right direction. I almost always end up in a situation where I have to make a decision, big or small, and minutes after I will see 34 somewhere. Never fails! So for me 3/4 is a more visual yes or no anwser from my guides. Each number has different messages, and like I mentioned you will know it's meaning when it resonates with your soul. To me 1-2-3-4 was the number of guides I had with me at that time, long behold I do have a set of guides with me, and the number is 4.

There are so many ways for a Spirit to communicate with you! A big one is electrical. Light bulbs flickering, or burning out shortly after being replaced. A television that suddenly turns off, battery operated child toys, and another common one is telephones.

All of the above has happened to me in some way, but something I would like to share more in depth is the telephone, as it had a significant impact on my life. This event happened about 2 years ago, when an unknown spiritual shift was occurring in my life. I was out with my children visiting family for a few hours, and my husband had been at work since 8 AM. Like any other normal day I would arrive at home around lunch, unload the kids from the car, go inside, get them settled in, have lunch, and relax a few minutes before doing some housework. That day, I arrived at home, and didn't feel well about the atmosphere at all. I didn't want to be there, and the anxiety, (which I know now is simply a spirit trying to tell me something) was so strong. The home phone was sitting on the table, and I picked it up about 2 minutes after getting the kids in the house to call my Mom. My home phone was turned on, with the call time being on for 18 minutes.. I will never forget that feeling on my stomach dropping inside my body, as I was consumed by the biggest wave of anxiety I had felt in a long time. I immediately grabbed my children and ran to the bedroom, I called my Mom to come over as she lived a few minutes down the road, then called my husband to see if he had been home at all, but I already knew it wasn't him. I searched the entire house, and found nothing. Nothing except for room temperature changes. My mom came by not to long after to comfort me. This was not a negative energy, this was not an entity. This was just one small event in the beginning of my true spiritual journey. After all, they made their point pretty clear, and I am sure they just about broke the glass they were banging on! I am grateful for this event.

Spirits leave you many nature signs, common ones are feathers, birds, robins, and butterflies. These are just a few! Sometimes it could even be a song when you are out, that just happens to play at that exact location, and time, and is meaningful to you. If you find yourself hearing the same song often, stop and really listen to the lyrics for a message that resonates or makes sense to you. Among the most common are Orbs in photos and videos. These are my favorite, because it gives us, the reasoning behind our intuitive feelings in that moment. Orbs in photos could be described as circular shadow, small and large. They usually have a bit of a blue tinge to them, but not always. All of these are just a few signs and symbols of a Spirit guide, or loved one showing you they are still with you, still watch you, and still love you every single day. They are but energy without a body. Remember, Heaven is just right outside your aura! <3 Terrylee <3


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