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Tarot & Oracle card readings

Tarot cards, have been around for many many years. They were looked upon as evil or work of the devil during centuries when spirituality was frowned upon. The images painted on the cards were of misunderstanding you could say, because they didn't portray the work of god. There are no bad cards, or negative cards in Tarot, the meaning of the cards are life affirming and helping you get a sense of which direction your life is heading in. The negative aspect of these cards where the paintings and titles, which give off that low energy feel to them. I learnt recently that the individuals who populated Tarot wanted to feel as though no one else could give readings except them. So by creating this edgy feel to the decks and by making them intimidating, later on were now frowned upon as the devils work.

Oracle cards are very similar to Tarot. Oracle cards have all the same meanings that Tarot carried, however the images, titles and wording are much softer and more inviting. Oracle cards have very uplifting messages with images of Angels, and all it's beauty. I guess you can say that Tarot was indeed meant to be what is now Oracle, if the ego base was not to create something that came off as frighting. I personally use Oracle cards, because of that low energy feel I receive from Tarot. In fact my first deck of cards I purchased was Tarot, and I used them for that evening and put them away in a drawer. I decided to research the history of Tarot after that, and realized what I mentioned above, but as I was doing so I came across Angel Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and was immediately drawn to them! I gathered more knowledge, but you always choose on which deck jumps out at you more, and for me was the Angel Therapy, and Daily messages by Doreen Virtue. I use these decks every single day, and start off my medium sessions with these decks for my clients. Tarot, and Oracle cards are the easiest Divine tool you can use to receive those Divine messages from your guides, and angels. In a world where we are so influenced by the media, stressed about financials, a spouse, or anything really! The cards are a clear shortcut by passing these emotions and connecting straight to the source! I wanted to share with everyone a free Oracle card reading! I will pull at random 6 cards from my Daily Messages deck, I will number them 1 through 6. I ask that you close your eyes, and listen to your Divine guidance to help you choose the card resonates with you. I will post the messages to these cards tomorrow evening, along with a description in a new blog posting! (Image below!) I hope everyone has a fantastic Easter weekend celebrating love, happiness, and our creator xo

Much love, Terrylee <3


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