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Oracle card reading - Results

Here is the results for the free Oracle card reading posted last night! Leave a comment below if you enjoyed it :) #1 - CHILD

" You care deeply about children, and they readily respond to your love. All children, including your own inner child, require love, affection, and attention. We can clear and open your heart and schedule so that you can give more time and energy to the children who need you. "

This card signifies that a child is affecting some aspect of your question. This could be your own child, your desire for a child, a young family member, or your present or future work in helping children. Have children been on your mind lately? If so, this card is proof that whatever you've been considering is valid. This includes spending more time with children, and looking into areas of employment related to young ones. This card could also be a child in Heaven saying hello and that they love you xo


"Quiet your mind, Beloved One, and listen to our gentle reassurance that everything has been taken care of. Stay in a quiet and receptive state, without worrying about the exact nature of your desire's manifesting. A quiet mind and body hears us quickly and clearly. This is our request to you: Listen. "

You received this card because the angels wish to get their messages through to you. They ask to you to talk less and listen more. Give your worries to the angels, and trust that they've heard your prayers. If it seems they're not answering your prayers, it's probably because you're not listening to their answers. So, retreat to a quiet place with the intention of listening to you angels. Then close your eyes, breathe deeply... and listen! Additional meanings to this care could also be, you are doing a great job listening to your angels. You're hearing is becoming more sensitive as you are tuning into the angels. Clear your ear chakras by visualizing the light clearing each area.


" You've received a wonderful idea as an answer to your prayers, This idea is real and trustworthy. You can safely move forward with it, knowing that we are with you every step of the way. Ask for and be open to receiving our support for anything that you need related to this idea. "

The angels gave you this card because they want you to believe in your ideas, which are answers to your prayers, and you can trust them. You'll be supported as you move forward to put your ideas into action, as long as you check in with your angels regularly for continued guidance. If you ever feel vulnerable ask you angels to reassure you with emotional, spiritual, and material comfort. Additional meanings to this card could be to stop worrying about the details, as they'll take care of themselves as you go along. Go for it! You are safe to make changes and move forward now!


" This situation is rooted in an emotional experience with a family member, which we can help you to understand and heal. In your mind and heart, surround this person, yourself, and the experience with calming blue light and many angels. Be open to the gifts within the situation, and allow yourself to feel peace. "

This card mean that the question you asked about is related to a family issue. It could be that some healing work is needed concerning one particular family member ( It is the first person who comes to mind while reading this ). Or this card might signal a need for more family togetherness, such as spending an evening or a holiday together. Your angels will guide you through this passage. Additional messages to this card could be that it is time to face old feelings so they care be released and cleared, release an unwanted pattern by forgiving one or more family members, including yourself.


" Each thought is an investment that pays immediate dividends, so invest wisely. You have the power to choose your thoughts and align them with love, peace, and harmony. At your request, we will gladly attune your energies to higher frequencies. "

The angels gave you this card as a reminder that the Law of Attraction can help you improve the situation you're inquiring about. Complaints and worry only attract more of the same, so elevate your thoughts to attract what you desire. Several times a day, imagine that the situation was presently healed and perfectly manifested. Feel gratitude that it is already so in Spirit, which is the first part of attracting the material aspects of the situation. Addition meanings to this card could be avoiding worrying and complaining, Rise up to the level of the type of person you wish to attract. Positive thinking, and emotional feelings create your future.


"This situation brings you the opportunity to heal, grow and release negative patterns. Hold the intention of seeing the other person's inner Divine light and goodness. We will help you release unforgiving thoughts, feelings, and energies, and life you to a higher place of peace and compassion. "

The angels sent you this card because they see that you've grown weary of a recurring negative pattern in your life. To break this cycle, it's important for you to release old toxic thoughts about the current situation and relationship. You can do this by breathing deeply, and on each exhalation, giving your fears, worries, anger, and other painful emotions to the angels. Forgiveness doesn't mean that you are condoning the other person's behavior. It just means that you're unwilling to carry toxic feelings and thoughts about him or her. Release, be free, and experience positive patterns through forgiveness. Additional meanings could also be Avoiding blaming yourself or others. Focus upon desires instead of fears or judgments.

Many blessings, Terrylee <3


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