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I had a tugging to write about purpose Wednesday evening, however I thought I would wait it out till my usual Friday blog night I have set aside, so this would give me time to really think about what I would like to add. I would like to tie in a few subjects, not going much into detail, and letting your mind take over after the read to make your own assumptions, and maybe even wanting to explore them more on your own terms.


I think the biggest fear is not knowing what to expect, not knowing or understand your purpose this life time. Let me start with this, YOU being here right now is a miracle itself. Every single person, animal, living being has purpose and reason for being here today. Some times it is hard for people to understand that they chose this life. Why would someone choose a life of abuse, a life of poverty, a life of struggle, a life of loss.. You did this because you have karmic life lessons that needed to learnt in order for your soul to grow, and evolve. After all, this is why we incarnate, to learn, grow, and evolve. Before coming here to this life time, you/your high-self mapped it all out. Think of it as a giant blue print of your life. You chose this region, you chose your name, your gender, your birth date, the day you depart your physical body, your parents, the number of children, but most importantly you chose your karmic lessons you wanted to accomplish, and your life purpose. Your life purpose could be a variety of things, but know that one's life purpose is not of any less value then another's. Every person has a purpose that compliments another and helps our species evolve; teachers, researchers, healers... Every soul has to go through tragedy to evolve, if we lived in a world where everything was always perfect how would we learn? What bothers you the most in this lifetime? Could it be you can not stand to here about the war, or perhaps innocent children being mistreated? Maybe the thought of animal abuse makes you emotionally upset. Take that anger and turn it into something bigger, maybe becoming and animal advocate was apart of your destiny. Another way we can looking into the pattern of self discovery is asking someone who knew you well as a child, what you loved most. Maybe you enjoyed playing the role of the mom, or loved being outside in nature. All of these pieces will soon match up. I also highly recommend doing an astrology birth chart if you have not done so. This will give you a-ma-zing insight on who you are! It blew me away. Once you discover who your true authentic self is, the Universe will provide you with everything you need. You will not want more then you need, and life will be perfectly balanced. It will seem almost magical how events unfold, know this is something bigger then yourself thanking you.

Afterlife In my present life, there is a lot of chaos around me and I find myself overwhelmed. It makes me take a step back and be the third person looking in, witnessing all these life lessons happening around me, they may not pertain to me, but to those I hold near and dear. I see the pain, and the questions. You can not take for granted what is handed to you. You are the worker of your creation. You hold all the answers, and key. You are cherished, you are loved. Of course it makes me sad to see such pain in others, but then I see the love in the situation; she is now home! Our home! I don't believe in the term death. I do not believe we die, in fact I know we don't; we are just transition back to our normal state of being which is energy. We loose the body that has successfully supported us throughout of life, and then become one, once we leave it. She had only shed her physical body which held her spirit, and now she is limitless with an abundance of pure love and joy. In a sense, we should be sad for a soul being born, and full of happiness as they depart. Everyone has their views on life, some might not be ready to except, and some turn and look at me and ask the bold question, well what if this happened to you? It is our job as humans to have emotions, to grieve the loss of a loved one, to be angry at our creator for taking them, to be irrational.. This is completely normal! And if God decided to take my mother tomorrow; I would feel all of those emotions and crave the physical being that was her. But I would also see the happiness, knowing she is soaring to new heights, knowing that she is home, she is safe, and she is always with me every single day. One day I will be home with her. Her life purpose is complete, and she may return home. Growing up, I was taught that Heaven was up in the sky and the clouds, but I know now that Heaven is right outside your aura, always has always will.

Reasons Every single thing happens for a reason, whether we understand it or not. Why out of all days would my son decide to take a tantrum five minutes before I leave, making me 15 minutes late for my event? Possibly because I could have been injured in a car accident a few minutes before hand. Please know that you are exactly where you are meant to be, every single day, every single moment. You have guides and spirits communicating with you whether you know it or not. They are that little voice that says look, or hit the breaks now. They always have your best interest at heart, and keep you safe, even if it means you are waiting at the longest train crossing of what seems to be a lifetime. There are many stories about how something so small saved someones life and for good reasons, it wasn't their time to go. Reasons could also have an ever lasting imprint on your life in a positive way! What ever the case may be, do not second guess or judge the situation you are in, it could be a blessing in disguise!

There is a reason for everything, a purpose that follows, and a new beginning to every chapter that ends.

Terrylee <3


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