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Hi everyone, I apologize for the late blog post but life happens! Tomorrow is special day to all of you beautiful mothers out there, both male and female, hardworking folks who willingly sacrifice everything for those little humans who stole our hearts.. Aw those beautiful messy faces are worth every second. We are so blessed to be able to say that each of them chose you to be their Mom. You! Out of every. single. person. YOU. Take that in for a moment.. Gosh we are so blessed to teach them everything we know, and watch them evolve into loving individuals. I came across this photo a few years ago, and something struck me to the core about these words, so very much that it changed my entire perspective on raising my children.. Do not raise your children to grow up to face a harsh and cruel world, but instead to make the world a little less harsh and cruel. And I will do my best for them <3 Mother's Day could be a joyous day, and for some it could be a dreadful day, patiently waiting for Monday morning.. What I would love most for those of you not anticipating the holiday would be to feel the love from all around you. Holiday or not, there is not a day that goes by where your loved ones are not with you! Watching over you, keeping you safe, and just wanting you to enjoy this life. Instead ask for a sign tomorrow morning, wake up and ask, they will deliver. They always do, because they are always listening! Tomorrow we also celebrate our mother earth for all that she takes in, and gives out. We also celebrate mother Mary for her wisdom, and strength. Her support in helping keep our children safe and protected. It is a joyous day to really appreciate all the little details we do in a day that goes unseen, and to take the time to accept the help others offer, and to notice the love from those around us.

So from my heart to yours, I send you an abundance of happiness and love, wishing you's all a happy mothers day! xo

* * *

We are at a halfway mark for our 2nd mercury retrograde this year, so if you are feeling down, disconnected, hazzy, and not yourself, please don't worry! Most of us feel this way during mercury retrograde and are not even aware! So what is this thing you call mercury retrograde? Well It's because Mercury rules communication, clear thinking, truth and travel, so when the planet goes retrograde, which means that it looks like it's going backwards in the sky.. all those things go backwards. They start to get ugly and tangle up. This retrograde period rules from April 28 until May 22nd. During this time it is not a good idea to make large purchases (houses, vehicles, contracts..), always have a back up of electronic documents and pictures, a lot of electronics can be a bit screwy, you can feel very disconnected from others, from spirit. However the bright side to this, is this is a perfect time to finish old projects! Anything you left on the side lines, pick it up, and go for it! For the year 2016, we have four mercury retrogrades, two almost complete, and two being in August and finishing in December. If you are very spiritual, you might find these very difficult, being frustrated, and feeling this block between you and your guides.. Do not worry, all will resume in no time, but it helps to focus on meditation, reading a good book, or even getting out in nature grounding yourself. It will pass! It wouldn't hurt to research more on cosmic events, because clearly they are affecting you for a reason!

Since I have blogged last, I wanted to share a few personal experiences that maybe some can relate to.. I have had the pleasure of meeting a beautiful group of woman in monthly gatherings, and I must say I have never been more excited. Finding that place of safety with others is so important, especially if you don't really have anyone who can relate to you on a daily basis. These woman are beautiful, no judgments, just love. I am so thankful I get to be apart, and among these ladies who invited me into their circle. I can honestly say it helped me more then they know. I can share openly, and just so freely! I haven't felt those feelings with friends in a very long while. People who just get it, ya know? Don't be shy to reach out to others and ask if someone they know is more on the spiritual side, because you never really know what kind of people are waiting for you to connect with!

Speaking of friends, I am finding myself stuck with old friends. Being a medium comes with a great deal that no one really understands until they get to first hand experience it. You are literally closing a door that has been your entire life, and everything you have known, to open this newer brighter door filled with love. Closing this door you leave behind friends, some family, beliefs, a way of thinking.. and everything makes perfect sense to you, it feels right, and you just know it is right. But to others, not so much.. it's very challenging, and draining to make sense of it all. How do you explain yourself to others? You don't. All that negativity no longer serves you, the complaining, the judging. I can only bring with me those filled with love, uplifting light, someone that makes you feel happy, and leaves that smile with you. The worst part, is someone not knowing they might portray these qualities.. It honestly breaks my heart, but you just can't save everyone without drowning yourself. My only wish for them is to find their own happiness <3

Do you ever get that slap of realization in the face? The kind you preach, and forgetfully follow from time to time. I did, and it really made me take a step back. I understood that we are all human, and it is completely okay to make mistakes and OWN them. Own them to yourself, and apologize for being so hard on yourself. I talk a great deal of the law of attraction (if you are unfamiliar it is an essential life tool, you can read any book by Rhonda Byrnes to learn more), and it is tattooed in my consciousness with every decision I make and wording I speak. However, when the Universe tests you, in the most vulnerable times, sometimes it gets the best of you. I learned recently that you absolutely need to trust the Universe, and affirm your desired outcome, even if that means you currently don't have enough for that bill coming out of your account next week. Affirm it, believe it, feel the emotion attached, and it will be. I understand now it was test, and I am prepared to face the next one with full consciousness of simply trusting the process. After all, all we need it trust. The law of attraction is bigger then you and I together, it alters the course of every situation, whether it be positive or negative, so be careful in how you affirm certain situations.

I wanted to finish this blog with a fresh perspective.. The other day, my husband, the children and I were out shopping around, and it was getting a bit late in the afternoon to keep jumping in and out of the car (when I say jump in and out, what I really mean is unload three children from car seats, pop open the double stroller, buckle them up, make sure I have the essentials, make sure we're all covered in white light, then walk in to the store), so instead I asked my husband to run into Walmart to grab a few things we needed before heading home. No problem! Off he goes, while two children doze off in their seats. While I am sitting reading an article I couldn't help to notice what I now think was this wave energy from the vehicle next to mine. Without really staring I see this couple in their 50's having a very intensive argument. Her hands were flying everywhere, wiping her face from the tears, and then storming off into the store, while her husband sits in the passenger side on his phone. Secretly sending Reiki, I started thinking that some poor cashier would end up with this woman who was just at the brink of a meltdown, and not really understanding what she did wrong. I honestly just wanted to hug her as she stormed off, and just then I fully realized the importance of giving the extra smile to someone unhappy, or giving that extra compliment to someone looking down. You never really know what kind of impact you have on someone. Be their light that day, it doesn't require a lot of energy, and it will make you feel 10x better then them, I garentee it! If you just finished an argument; not really caring about those around you, and suddenly received a friendly greeting (despite your grump face), followed by a compliment on how great your hair looks that day.. that would boost your mood, and energy up a whole bunch! So pass along that smile, flex those muscles in your pretty face :)

I hope everyone has the most beautiful week! Enjoy the sun, the hugs, and the smiles! Terrylee <3 Love, light, and oneness xo


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