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Good evening my beautiful loves,

Well it has officially been one month since I have posted a blog, and let me tell you this past month has been crazy, from doing medium readings for folks from across Canada, a lot of soul healing, purging the toxic energy that no longer serving me, and releasing what has been keeping a hold of me. Which brings me to my topic today, releasing.

We are spirits housed by our human body, so we are capable of roaming the earth, free to learn life lessons. Know that every event in your life is a step towards learning what you have chosen to come here to learn. For some it could be learning to forgive, for others it could be learning to love yourself, and so forth. For me I believe my life lessons this life was to learn how to forgive and become the bigger person, learning to send love to those who may need it most even if you would of much rather yell and take a fit. Learning that when all is said and done, those emotions don't serve you anymore. Really! They don't! What is really going to benefit you by repeating to yourself how much of an arrogant woman she was? Or how the man at the store mumbled a rude comment looking towards you under his breath? Or how that woman was judging you by her intense glare and dirty remarks? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing from over thinking these thoughts will do you any good. It won't help improve your outlook on life, it won't help you spread those smiles to those around you, it won't help you be the bubbly you that you are meant to be. So take a breather and let it all go. No matter how frustrated you may get in the moment, at the end of the conversation, they are the ones that need to live with the consequences. I also learned that you can not change a persons outlook on life, no matter how much you may try to shake the non sense out of their head, if they don't want to then you can't. And that is okay, because it is their life to live, their karmic destiny, and most importantly their life lessons they need to learn. As a medium, I do quite a bit of releasing. Releasing on a daily basis, affirmations, meditations, and cutting cords. I had a session for myself a while back, and something really resonated with me when she used this metaphorical door of my past to my present, and future. She explained that everything I once knew, beliefs, friendships, family members, and life as I knew it was going to change for the better and some of the old will not come through the door to the new. You can only take with you what will serve you and help you grow. My entire life was changing, my world was vibrating at such an intense rate that I wasn't sure if I wanted to go through this door. She explained that once this new door shuts behind you, you will never be able to go back to that life, those friends, and family members that no longer serve you. It may be a lonely world, but the most beautiful and rewarding world I can live in. I chose this door knowing that I was here to serve others, and heal people in need, doing something greater then myself and I wouldn't change it for the world. Though I may be lonely without as many human body friendships, I certainly do not lack conversations with Spirits, and friendships I have had for many lift times. When I crossed through the door, a tunnel of light opened up for me, and knowing full well which friendships did not serve me anymore.. Knowing this could be devastating in a way, but choosing to send love and light and wishing them well on their journey is all you can do. You need to put yourself first. You need to love yourself enough to say, I deserve to be happy and I can't be around you when you radiant negativity and complain about every aspect of life. Sending them love and light, and cutting the cords you have with them.

It is so important to cut your cords. You share energy with every person you come in contact with during the day, whether it be a client, or an old friend, so by cutting your cords every night and releasing what no longer serves you gives the intention of clearing away the old to make room for the new. Even affirming it during the day, or visualize yourself cutting the cord between yourself and your client will help you give back what no longer serves you. You don't need to carry around feelings that are not yours! Archangel Michael is a power protector who can help you over see the cord cutting process.

I also would like to take a minute to talk about forgiving yourself. It may be easy to forgive others, but forgiving yourself might be the most challenging step. Knowing that you are love, and in the eyes of the Divine you are pure and good. All is forgiven! To love yourself fully you must first learn to forgive yourself, so everything you perceive to have done wrongfully. How can we truly move on in life if we can not forgive ourselves? Forgiving you, for all the guilt, and hateful words you spoke, for the wrongful actions you did. Acknowledge and own up to those mistakes, take credibility and then release it. You can not change what happen, but you can change the future. All is forgiven, and move on to a more peaceful present.

We hold the spiritual solutions to every problem, it is just a matter of unplugging from the materialistic world, and plugging into the Divine <3 Sending you an abundance of love and light wherever you may be,

Love Terrylee xo

PS: I have added a video to the home page, top right hand corner of the blog. If you have time, I encourage you to watch this video at least one time. It will be the best 18 minutes of learning 5 secrets of the Universe that everyone should have the privileged of knowing. 18 minutes! That is equivalent to check your Facebook, which I am sure you do ;)


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