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Good evening my beautiful friends,

I wanted to share a little food for thought on your way into the weekend. I remember seeing a picture that I thought was absolutely true and loved everything about it. It was that of society shaming an individual for mental illness saying 'it's all in your head', followed by the same individual who throws another into the lake. He starts yelling 'I'm drowning!' And the individual then replies the same response, 'it's all in your head!'

This picture depicted the perfect response to people who shame mental illness. It is equally as important to help those who suffer in silence. In those very moments to follow I picked up a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, and my whole perspective on illnesses was forever changed. Of course there are many many more topics that the book sheds a light on but I would like to simply focus on illnesses, from cancer to mental health. There is a spiritual solution to every problem, really there is. Most of us would never even consider such a bold statement, but you can because every problem is simply an illusion of the mind. We created those problems! And we are easily capable of fixing them. Every illness starts in the spiritual realm, your aura, which for the most part is arms lengths away from your physical body. When you are unaware of the sickness in your aura it is forced into your physical body hoping that you will then take the time to correct it, forcing you to take that time off and sit down with yourself and ask what's going on.

Unfortunately some still ignore the physical illness or dis-ease, praying someone else will be able to cure them, when it all started with you. You are the only person capable of healing yourself. You don't need to be a certified Reiki practitioner to do so, though that would help. You need to learn to LOVE yourself. Love you! Can you imagine that this is what so many fail to do. Loving yourself is the most important thing you could ever give yourself. (I highly highly suggest picking up a copy of You can Heal your Life by Louise Hay) You can love your outward appearance all you want but what counts the most is learning to love who you truly are. Being able to appreciate you, applauding you, putting you first, forgiving others, forgiving you, making you happy! Learning that we are one consciousness, we are all made perfectly from Divine love, here to serve others. Once you can do the ultimate work and reviewing where those beliefs came from that made you, and knowing you can change them, that's when the real changes begins. Making a list of affirmations, putting the intention out to Universe that I am now ready to love self is a perfect start.

We sometimes forget that we live in such a materialistic world it is so easy to get caught up in it. Once we can learn to unplug ourselves from this world, and plug ourselves into the Divine endless Universe we are capable of anything. We are capable of knowing all the answers we are searching for. It is so effortless to just sit for a few minutes during the day peacefully and ask. We all have spirit guides, and guardian angels that are waiting for us to just ask for help! Why go through something alone? You are so loved from the Spirit realm, you can not do anything wrong in their eyes.

I would like to talk about a very heavy topic in the health field, cancer. There is a doctor in Russia who made a study regarding how you can heal yourself without chemotherapy, just you. He held evidence that his theory was accurate and the percentage was out standing, a break through for curing the second largest leading cause of death! He was sentenced, and lost his licence to practice medicine, because he was destroying hospital reputations, and ultimately costing the hospitals thousands by not having patients using chemotherapy. He had over 6000 confirmed cases of patients diagnoses with cancer, treated with no medical therapies and then retested to show no traces of cancer left in the body by simply healing themselves. In such a materialistic

world, the human life to those in power is just another statistic. We need to shed a light on the power of something greater then this world.

I hope you can take a few moments just for you this weekend. Not doing the gardening, or out shopping alone, just sitting down and reading a book, watching a lite candle or sitting by a warm fire. Taking a time out, it is the healthiest thing you could do and your body will appreciate it all the more. Love yourself! After all, you mirror what you receive ❤

Sending you love and light,

Terrylee XO


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