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Plugging into the Divine

Good evening my beautiful friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather we are having this week.. I wanted to share a bit more personal tonight.

I had a group medium session last week, and it was amazing, however I wasn't able to finish the way I had planed it.. but then again Spirit is in charge when it comes to sessions. I had a bit of a cold before heading over, nothing major. As the session started rolling I was noticing how taking a breath was becoming a thought, soon enough gasping for the next word was becoming a worry. My guides took over and told me to stop, it's time for me to leave. Unfortunately the session was cut a few minutes short for me to pack up and go home. I am sure for those of you that have been following my blogs, you are aware I suffer for panic and anxiety attacks. They are far from what they used to be growing up because I learned to control my ego self and spirit self.. That night it was like I took a complete 180 and forgot everything I had learnt in the past few years. Spirit and angels helped me arrive home safely, but it was like looking at my husbands face triggered more anxiety and suddenly I found myself calling for an ambulance in complete fear that my throat was closing over and I couldn't breathe. It was as though a large concrete block was laying over my chest and I couldn't do anything to help. It wasn't until I had to spiral down to then look up, unplug myself from our world, plug myself into the Divine and ask for help. Asking for help was my mantra every 60 seconds that night. Between my Guides and my mother I was in amazing hands.. A spiritual solution to every problem played through my head, Louise Hay affirmations made its rounds up there to, and Reiki to finish it all off. It was amazing to see how quickly everything fell apart and how everything fell into place that evening. Knowing that there is a whole other world filled with nothing but love, guidance and willingness to help in a split moment will always make me feel secure. I have nothing but gratitude, and love for my energies of love watching over me.

It really isn't until you are in an unforeseen event where your beliefs are the only thing with you in those moments that you realize there is nothing else on this earth that can possibly save you, expect for you. You are more powerful then you can possibility imagine!

I believe this was a real turning point thus far on my journey to loving and healing ones self. Since then I have been feeling much better and back to scheduling readings!

Why walk through life alone? I hear it all the time, I'll believe it when I see it.. Without simply trusting that there is something much bigger then seeing something physical, you maybe stuck looking out the same window every single day, instead of being outside living it. I would never force my beliefs on someone else, that is their life to live and discover (after all my husband thought that once we die, we are buried in the grown and that's it... Since then he has come around, after ya know? Watching me talk with the afterlife haha) however, I feel selfish in some way if I don't mention the above when I feel that those people may need it. In the end, it is not my karma nor is it my duty to convert the world. That is not my job. My life purpose is to help bring joy, love and ultimately healing to this world, helping us evolve, and helping path the road for our future crystal and rainbow children.

I would be lying if I said my world was full of rainbows and butterflies (though I see many butterflies daily hehe) however my life is just like anyone else's. It's filled with love, laughter, ups and downs, mini meltdowns, mood swings, arts, singing, dancing, and just plain emotional.. But through it all I know that I will always have the unconditional love and support from my family waiting for me on the other side. I love being me, I am learning every day, trust the process!!

Love light oneness

Terrylee XO


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