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Healing from within

Good evening my friends,

I have been away the last little bit, taking care of myself, and healing. Such powerful things to do, that most don't really get to do. I am getting ready to embark on the next chapter of my Spiritual evolution, and it has had it's challenges.

"Know that purpose and reason are connected to all that surrounds you. What seems your biggest challenge is instead your greatest gift."

This last month has had me riding waves, that at times felt like I was drowning in them, but then just as I would be slipping away, the Divine white light would pull me back up again. But I always needed to remind myself, that this to shall pass. You never really fully understand the power of faith and Divine when no one else can help or catch you when you fall. This past month the Universe had tested me, and all my beliefs. To put you's up to speed, I have had a few health concerns in the last 6 months, I just hadn't felt like myself. Of course I understood that dealing with energy has it's challenges, just like so for a doctor, or mechanic. It would bring on a whole new understanding for being spiritual and not having a doctor who understands or who excepts it sort to speak. I had quiet a few ultrasounds, and fear was on the horizon.

A million questions goes through your head racing at such a speed that my question didn't have an anwser before jumping to the next. What if I get sick and can't take care of my children? Who will hold the house together? What if I pass young? I was so caught up in anxiety, in fear, in our ego mind. It was consuming me, and I needed help out. After what seemed like a lift time awaiting passing ultrasounds, it seemed as though there was always a new health concern, one after another. The same fear returned, the same what if's. I didn't understand or take the time to ask how can I make this better instead of focusing on the why's. Why me? I am only 24. Month after month, more worry would creep in. More ultrasounds, more blood work. The Universe knew that for me to understand more about the lesson, the lesson needed to have a big impact. And so about a month or so ago, I started developing headaches daily, pretty much from the time I woke up, to the time I fell asleep. I would take some pills for the pain every 6 hours or so everyday. Without thinking much of it (dealing with energy every day, and readings) I didn't look into anything. Then the dizziness began, and 3 different occasions of sentences coming out of my mouth not making sense. Then I knew, I had to do something, so off I went to the emerge, and an MRI app booked for next month. All those what if's grew into something much more then others, but instead myself. What if I have a cyst, what if I have swelling of the brain, what if I took a miniature stroke?

I came home that day, and meditated which is something I do daily, but didn't for the last few days prior to my hospital visit. They showed me, drowning in shallow water, but would lift me up when I would take in to much water. This is when I realized, this was my life. I was living in so much fear regarding my health for so long, and I needed my guides and angels more then ever. What is the lesson, how will I get better? Giving them all my worries, and ultimately surrendering to something not knowing the how, but knowing what will become. Archangels gave me the peace, protection, and healing I fully needed every single day. Reiki aided in my aches. Prayers became daily, and the lesson became crystal clear. It was time for me to focus on what is the true meaning of this life time. Love, my family, myself. No more gazing at a useless screen countless times, spending quality time doing things I actually enjoy and benefit from. Being in nature, reading a book, and being around my family more. I did it! I got the lesson, loud and clear! About 3 days after my trip to the E.R. my headaches became half days, and my pills decreased in half. A week later, I didn't need to take a single pill. I had learnt the lesson, it took a while but in the end there really is a Spiritual solution to every problem. We spend so much time not focusing on ourselves, until the problem manifests into our physical body, making us deal with it head on. Some realize, some do not. This experience has made me grateful for every sickness, for every illness, and for every health related issue I have faced, for without it, I would never have taking this incredible journey with my guides, angels, and loved ones on the other side. I know how loved I am, and how loved each and every single one of you are.

This past month, my love for the Archangels grew, my love for myself grew, my intuition grew, and my awareness of energy doubled. I am eternally gratefully for every event the Universe has orchestrated for my soul, after all I did choose this, and the lessons. Remember that you have an entire team supporting you every step of the way, and you are never truly alone. Have a wonderful week ahead, Much love, Terrylee XO


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