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Right here, right now.

Can you imagine a world where our civilization was of one consciousness, where everyone was always in the present moment of the now? There would be nothing for us to further concur no? That is why we as human are here to help evolve our planet, and to bring beautiful awareness of the present moment.

We hear it often, but we let it go in one ear and out the other; let go of the past as it doesn't serve you, and the future has yet to arrive.

However if we really dissect those words we would live in a beautiful state of bliss. Let go of the past, yes it made us who we are today, but today is a new day and we do not need to relive the past. Tomorrow is our future, we don't need to live in what is mearly an illusion.

Our minds can be such a power tool, and yet can be very destructive.

See our minds live and thrive in our ego, what feeds your thoughts is fear. When you live in the present moment you feed your thoughts and inner body with pure love. The light will always diminish darkness.

You can start by realizing that you are now watching the thinker. Whenever you can catch yourself thinking of a past event or a future illusion, shift your consciousness to the present moment, and watch as a higher power becomes ignited. We can cure any dis-ease and illness with the power of the now. Go in and feel your inner body, notice the objects around you. Feed your soul and body what it craves. Live every moment like it would be your last. I would like to finish by asking you a question and let your soul ponder on it. What would you do differently if I told you, you only had 6 months left to live in your physical body?

"Thought cannot exist without consciousness, but consciousness does not need thought.." -Eckhart Tolle ✨

Much love,

Terrylee xx

Feel free to leave any feedback, or if you have any questions please email them to me at :


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