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Where do we come from..

How would you answer the question? Where do we come from.. Well seems pretty straight forward, yet when we take a few moments to ponder it seems as though it could be a variety of answers. I would like to assume that we are going to a place like no other, a place that is so far beyond imaginable, that it consumes me with love that I have never felt in a human body. Can you imagine, well you can. You can actually physically feel this overwhelming wave of unconditional love right this very second. Yup! Let's talk about the power of awareness.. Take a moment right now to listen to every noise around you. Yes stop reading. Right now. What did you hear? Perhaps what you think is nothing, but space is what consumes us. That space has a noise if you listen closely. You are now present, in the ever lasting form of peace. What a feeling to know that you have control over your mind and body, because you are not your mind nor your body. You are formless and timeless, you are spirit. This might seem crazy and overwhelming, but when we can fully understand, better yet commit to the knowing that a greater force is within us, we will understand that there is really nothing to fear. We come from love, we are love, and we need to share this knowledge with others. Like a wave of love, share it with the world and it will come back to you a hundred fold.

Why be afraid? There is no such thing as fearing the unknown, when the unknown is the greatest destination we can seek. Where am I going with this? Trust. Trusting yourself and your inner wisdom. It has led you this far, has it not? It may seem scary to take a step into what seems like darkness, but when you do there will be a step there, and each unknown step you take leads you to the next, higher and higher we go. Let Spirit guide you, let go and let God. If God led you to it, he will lead you through it. Feel the loving presence that surrounds you, hear the vibration of love that emanates from within. You are capable of anything, you are powerful, you are strong, majestic and magnificent. Do not let the ego bring you anywhere else when you were created in the image of love. The mind may be clever, but Divine love is intelligent, and even in those moments when you feel like you can't be grateful, and you feel as though the world is caving in on you. You feel as though you forgot your purpose, guilty, and undeserving, think again. Spirit is with you more then ever, and will lift you up. Feel your heart, it beats and it never gives up. Why should you? You were born to stand tall, like a mountain that withstands the storm, and the tree strongly rooted in the ground, you will be the same, you are the same. You are much more powerful then you are aware of, but again that is what the mind is with holding from you dearest. Take a breath, carry on and affirm the love that you are. The beautiful light, wisdom, you are much more then you will ever know. I believe in you, and you should to. Your spirit lives on. My soul honor and loves your soul. Just as you should honor it first. Be the light, spread the kindness and share your love with this world, we need you, and you need you. Be the hero in your own story. Much love, Terrylee xx

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