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Opportunities -Healing Journal

Wherever you are today, I hope these messages find you well.

Receiving signs from Spirit is one of the many things I am most grateful for in life. Nothing amazes me more than receiving Divine love and guidance, especially when you least expect it. It seems that this is a big year for not only myself, but as a collective community, in one way or another we are being forced to grow and go through transformations. Whether that be in your intimate relationships, career, goals, and love of self, or it could be a bit of everything. The Universe's message to you is to notice the opportunities that are being sent to you. We don't go through anything just because! We go through these challenges to grow, but if we miss the opportunities and focus in on being a victim, the same challenges will present itself in another way- different scenarios. It can be tricky to understand just what those opportunities are when you feel like you're drowning in a wave of emotions, I feel you. But it's in the darkest moments, that the light shines the brightest when we reach for it.

It's empowering to know that YOU are the creator of your reality. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations and wonder how the hell we got here. But everything leading up until this very moment was a projection of thought. For the longest time, in face since I began this beautiful spiritual journey to discovering myself, I uncovered a great fear. This fear whether I knew it now, was of my health and more specific - cancer. The word would make me cringe, articles, advertising, and the smallest health concerns would lead my thoughts straight to a diagnosis. It literally consumed me. How crazy to think that I had willingly given away my energy, and time to something that is fear. But I did, for years. It came to a point earlier this year when I was faced with a more realistic experience with that word, cancer. I had an entire week of awaiting results that made me decide my faith. I could avoid this, I could cry and scream helplessly and be a victim of whys. Or I could accept it, see the lesson and grow. In those dark few days, in prayer, I surrendered. I accepted that if this is what I was meant to go through, I would also grow through. What was the lesson? I believe it was to live each day like your last in this physical body. I believe it was to start peeling away the layers of self doubt, and shame. It was to uncover the beauty that is me. The me that is being carried by this physical body I call Terry-Lee. Since those moments, I am reminded to continue to work on myself daily. When the fears of cancer creep in, which they do as reminder to keep growing, I look for the love instead of the fear. If you feed your mind love, love will only be able to grow. If you feed yourself fear, it too will grow wildly.

Love is something we so often overlook. A four letter word that is thrown around, as we all do, but when I reflect more deeply on love, a sense of inner peace grows in those short moments. It reminds me that this is who we truly are. We are all being of love, manifested in physical forms - here to learn and grow, to share who we are with this world. Love is something extremely powerful, yet overlooked. Love heals all. The truth of love is that we spend so long seeking it from others, when it was within us this entire time. We look to outer experiences and people to give it to us because it must make us feel warm and happy, and deserving oh and safe! The thought that all of this has been existent within us is unimaginable because we know no longer need the ego mind of fear to control us. This is threatening to our egos, because we are than presented with an opportunity to step into the powerful being which you are. There is nothing you can not do.

Everyday is a new opportunity to grow, to learn, and to love. It doesn't matter what happened yesterday, I know what you're thinking, and NO it really doesn't matter in the greater sense. And nothing matters tomorrow. What matters most is this moment that you were given. What you do in this moment brings the moments to comes. If your only expectation in this moment is your inner peace, you have found the joy to life. Something I remind myself daily, hourly some days is this... I can chose peace, rather than this. God make me an instrument of thy peace. This reels me in, and shows me the bigger picture which I've overlooked. When I focus my attention just on my inner peace, the outer layer does not and cannot control me. There are moments where I want to scream, or literally take a fit, yet choosing peace brings me to the awareness that I was giving away my power to the very thing that upset me, and have yet to master this skill. After all we are human in this lifetime, and have much to learn. We are human beings, not human doings. We must remember to not take life seriously, it's mean to be enjoyed. Laugh at your troubles, and love yourself unconditionally. It has taken me many years to understand just that, don't take life seriously - you're eternal after all.

My soul loves your soul, in all ways, always.

Terry-Lee x


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