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It's always been about you.

What gives you joy? What can you do in this very moment that doesn't require much to forget about whats going on around you? Is it listening to music, singing or dancing? Is it writing, painting? Is it going outside and getting centered? It's important to get to know ourselves more intimately now more than ever. Some see that as a joke, because they know all there is to know about who they are, but it can take many life times to get to know what you love, what makes you excited, what fears send you into chaos, what pushes your buttons, what makes you tick, and what needs healing. Now I am no expert, but I do know that every single relationship begins and ends with you.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" What does that truly mean to you? I feel as though, whatever grasp myself, whatever I perceive in this present moment that I see as beautiful, unconditional love, that fills me with gratitude, is a reflection of me in the greater sense. Because we are like mirrors, in relationships, in situations, and what we perceive. If you find flaws in someone it is always a reflection of self which is the opportunity to go inside and heal. It is the greatest gift we all overlook in those moments. But getting back to the beauty, it's just as important, those moments of feeling immense joy in something we see, touch, or love; is a part of you. Is letting your higher self shine through. In those same moments think about what you love about what you are perceiving. Is it the vast beauty of the nature, the delicate feels of a flower, the infinite wonder of the sky, or the warm golden light of the sun setting, the feeling of looking at an innocent newborn baby, or the joy of a child? These are all qualities that you possess. Yes you do! We get so caught up in what we don't like about ourselves, we forget who we truly are. Beautiful, warm, infinite beings of LOVE.

Our egos would have it that we keep our shades of self-destruction and insanity on through out our life here. It would love nothing more than to cause self-inflicted pain to keep us from knowing our true selves.

You are beautiful, yes you. The costume you are wearing serves an amazing purpose. It is the temple of God you chose to wear in this life time. Underneath it, lies your eternal being. In order to be here, we must treat ourselves with the utmost care and love. Who gives a damn if you hate your nose, or your lips, your thighs or your hips. There is no one right way to look. Every single piece of you is holy, and serves a purpose. An opportunity to grow and evolve. Don't overlook this, don't stay in your ego. Let your higher self shine through. Let who you are, eternal, shine bright and confident. This is why it is so important to get to know ourselves, one step at a time. Make getting to know yourself a priority from this moment forward. It isn't always easy to uncover the "ugly" parts of our beings and to hold ourselves accountable for mistakes we make, but forgiving ourselves is the greatest gift we can ever give ourselves. Take a quick moment to think of a toddler/child in your life. How do they perceive themselves? Do they complain about how they look? Hells no, they are having the greatest time of their lives, filled with wonder and joy. This is where we went wrong ions ago, we cared about someone else's thoughts of us. Someone other than us... How foolish.

How amazing to know you are eternal, that this life is NOT to be taking seriously. That this life is not to focus on our problems, but our blessings. For every negativity you perceive I can assure you, you can find 10 beautiful ones. Because that is what we were promised when we came here. That there would be a few bumps in the road, some minor and some much bigger, but that your life would be blessed. You would have unconditional available to you in every situations, that you are always connected to source, and have opportunities to grow into the beautiful flower that you are. To choose love over fear. This is your opportunity my friend. See yourself as a reflection of your creator. You are magnificent. We are all a work in progress, but every every layer we touch is beauty to begin with, are job is to nurture it and bring light back where it has faded.

All my love, Terrylee x


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