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How to overcome fear.

Since beginning this beautiful spiritual journey to discovering self, I have discovered that I have quite a bit of fear within me. Of course some fears more obvious and present themselves long before this journey to self, but other fears kinda just lingered in the shadows of myself. You know those fears that creep in every now and then, that make you scared and you change the subject, go do something, or tune it out. Those fears are actually the biggest blessings. Those fears present itself like opportunities to go within them, heal them and grow.

We have only 2 options in this life, we can choose fear or choose love. What ever else follows and unravels according to which path we take. Fear is created by man, by our minds. Our minds can be a beautiful tool if they serve the purpose which was intended to be which of course would be love. Love is created by source, universe, God, however you wish to call it. The only real thing that exist in the bigger sense of it all is love. All else is non-existent.

Fear can be your friend, only if you allow it. Picture yourself right now as a third person, and now see fear in front of you. What does it look like? Now what's beyond the fear? Can you see it, or is it blocked from your vision? Now if you asked fear to hold your hand beside you, what's in front of you blocking you? Nothing. *Enter in singing choir * If you seen every fear (one step at a time) as an opportunity to heal, it wouldn't be scary. So let me give you an example. Since I was a little girl, I was scared of the dark, anything that looked like shadows, things that move out of the corner of my eye. So naturally from a young age I was scared of what I couldn't see, ghosts. As I grew up, I didn't have anyone in my life that could explain Spirits to me in a way that wouldn't completely freak me out. I knew about God, Jesus, and such because I went to a catholic school, but anything else wasn't mentioned. As a teenager I recall not being able to watch horror shows, and anything paranormal sent me into panic mode. Once the door of opportunity arose to the Spirit realm as medium presented itself, all I had was doubt, and fear. Yet something inside of me knew there was so much more to it than just "ghosts". I will never forget the first few times of meditation I had the most loving experience that gave me the reassurance I needed to continue. So I continued on this beautiful crazy journey as medium connecting people with their departed loved ones. Yet somewhere in the back on my unconscious mind, I was afraid of the negative. "There must be negative spirits out there. What if I see them? What if I connect to them? I can't deal with that!" Well, well, well.. Look who showed up, fear. It tagged itself along with me for years, manifesting itself it different forms, situations, and experiences. I kept pushing it away, after all I didn't have to deal with it all the time, just once in a while, so that's okay right? That's normal? Nah. It's time to deal with this shit Terry-Lee.

My team of guides, angels, and loved ones are always by my side, helping me heal, love, share and deal with the ugly. Their advice to me was to love my fear. My first thought was "No, that's crazy! Why the hell would I do that, I'm trying to get over my fear, why would I love something that scares me?" Well, Terry-Lee what is the only thing that exists? What is the only force in this entire Universe that heals? That created you? Love. Love is stronger than any fear. Try it. You have nothing to loose... Right? By Jesus, if they weren't right! Well of course, they're always right! Because something even more magical occurred when that happened, I took back my power. We don't just give our power away to people, we also give it away to what we fear. So by standing in my power which is born of love, I decided to not give it away to fear the one source that feeds off more of. Instead I fed fear with love. It no longer controlled me. It no longer was able to consume me or grow. Instead, I fed it with love and watched it disappear. Literally. Which than only empowered me even more, for realizing so.

Now I know your next question, how do I physically love my fear? Well, do what your heart desires, how ever silly you feel, if it works for you than that's all that matters!

Take back your power my friend, after all perfect love casts out all fear. All my love, Terrylee x


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