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Trust the whispers

I believe as a society growing everyday we hear alot of the word trust. Trusting ourselves, the universe, our faith and beliefs, but what if the ultimate trust was learning to trust your sweet soul. Trusting our soul's is about not knowing what is to come and learning to never doubt that tiny voice inside of you that whispers "this way".. Our ego minds are born in fear and it is the ego's duty to protect us and keep us safe. We have grown to rely on the ego's voice more than our own.

Ego has been observing and watching for a very long time, eons in fact, but never the less our sweet spirit has been patiently waiting also, longing for you to reconize her sweet whispers, that in time grow into confident dicisions based on love.

If we can quiet the loud ego, we will find silence in this moment, and this moment is where you will discover your spirit. You will know it is your soul speaking when you feel inspired and full of compassion. She speaks volumes in love. What have you been ignoring in your life? What continous messages have you been putting off? What habbit, relationships or addiction needs tending to? It's time to listen to those intuitive signals you've been pushing off.

Your sweet soul has been speaking to you for as long as you can remember, and she wants to tell you to never doubt yourself. Now, don't push that phrase aside because it sounds cliche. It's 100% true in the deepest sense. When we doubt ourselves, not only is it a lack of self love, but we open the door to indecisiveness. When we do this, it's like opening a portal that drains your energy field. It gives the dialogue back to our fearful ego's once again. Take back your power, and decide. Sure it might not be the greatest desicion or it could be, but be even more proud of yourself for not doubting. Instead learning, and growing and loving! With time, you'll come to know those whispers and know exactly what you're meant to decide.

Emerging out of the old dialog and into the silence can seem difficult at first. We enjoy the noise. But I can promise you nothing is more loud than the whispers of love in this very moment. It will overwhelm you with joy and peace. So the next time you find yourself in doubt, remember to go within and choose love.

All my love, T


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