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Feed your soul

Evening everyone!

I am so happy I took the time this evening to write. Doing what I love doing, my passion is writing! Which brings me to my first question for all of you; what do you LOVE doing, and when was the last time you took the time to do it? Wait a second.. Now my next question is why did you wait so long to do it?

Well my anwser for that last part would be because I didn't listen to my heart. My mind was running with other 'things' I thought I should be doing, priorities, which in fact are not feeding my soul. What feeds my soul, makes me leave the situation with a breathe of fresh air or a smile on my face! Did all those 'things' you thought were priorities leave that extra smile in your heart?

The point of all of this, is to do something today that makes you feel good! Feeding your Spirit has a lasting affect that not only affects you, but everyone around you. When you are happy others can't help but to feel happy. When you smile, it's contagious! So if feeding your soul means going for walk, then start your day with that. If feeding your soul is painting, then make it a point to paint every evening at a set time! It doesn't have to be long, it just needs to be in the moment for it to count. So instead of thinking of anyone else today, please do yourself a huge favor, and honor what YOU love doing!

Sending love and light to all you beautiful souls <3

Much love, Terrylee XO


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