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Let love lead.

How do you overcome fear. Fear of anything, job lose, career change, mental health, physical health, relationships with others and than with yourself. So much to worry and fear about. It’s like we are programmed everyday with survival. Survival of what’s to come. The problem with this is that we are programmed to always worry about what isn’t even here.

Without being conscious enough to realize that these problems are not really even real. How foolish to give up our time, our energy and our power to fear. What overcomes fear then? Love. It’s the most simplest of things, yet overlooked because of it’s size in an ego dominated society, but when you really have a moment to reflect on love, what has it brought you in this life? Or have you even allowed it to be present? Love is the single most powerful tool you have, because it is who you are. Your mind, your body, your name and title are not who you truly are. They were given to you to experience this lifetime, and if allowed, to control you out of fear. Love on the other hand is the you, who experiences these human interactions. The you behind the body and the mind. Love is the single force in the Universe that heals, brings peace, safety, and power.

When my body, and mind suffered, I knew in some part of me, that it wasn’t truly me suffering, yet I would find myself trapped in the delusion of fear and future. Fear had this hold on me, stuffing my mind with limiting beliefs, beliefs that I didn’t even realize where present in who I thought I was. I uncovered love through suffering. When you can understand that there is nothing, and no one that can help you, except you, than you realize this deep fear within you, yet at the same time it is the realization of your true power, and courage. The courage to know that none of this really truly matters, because I am safe. The safety I felt through the pain was Divine love. I felt myself a part of the entire Universe, and seen my light connected to God. I felt love holding me every morning when I woke. The knowing that all is well in any, and I mean any situation. What truly inspired me, was the deep understanding of the magic of love. So simple, yet made to seem impossible.

Of course, we have bad days. If they were all good, there would be no need to grow or learn. Those days teach you the greatest gift. For a moment ponder on when you feel fear, and blame. Those moments are your greatest teachers. They are not there to punish you and watch you suffer, they are stepping stones to show you were you need more work to learn grow and evolve. We have become so disconnected from who we truly are, that fear has masked our true self. When we reconnect with our soul, we know that love is who we are.

How do we reach the level of knowing love? Like everything else, it’s a muscle that has been dormant perhaps a week, a month or years. It’s working on yourself every single day, even though you don’t feel like it. It’s having patience with yourself and others. It’s knowing that not everything is going to work out how we want them to. It’s understanding that the future is unpredictable and that’s okay. It’s accepting this moment just as it is. Love is truly the light that keeps your heart beating. Behind the titles, its your soul sitting peacefully and quietly awaiting your attention. The only thing keeping you from you, is you. Quiet the chatter of fear for a moment to experience the bliss of this moment.

Personally for myself, the physical pain was the greatest distraction from my true self. Yet I know understand that the outside cannot be fixed or healed with more outside noises or distractions. It must be healed within. Within this present moment of acceptance and surrender to the hand that wrote every single story. The hand that created my being, and the ones of my children, of you, this planet and Universe is the source of all healing. I am not talking about asking God for healing, or forgiveness. If God is love, and you are love than he is not a with holding God. Every single thing is possible, because you were given all the tools you needed in this lifetime. They are within you.

Looking within, I realized I gave much attention to the dialogue playing in my head. I gave so much blame to this body without realizing how hard it works and loves me. How much anger I had when the pain was present, and how I victimized myself with whys. Within I found the answer. I found love. There is a line from a prayer written by Saint Francis I adore, “Where there is injury, let me sow pardon.” And in the words of a spiritual mentor Wayne Dyer, pardon is Spirit. Bring Spirit to bear on the injury and on the problems. When we center our self and allow our Spirit, the spirit of God to become present, this energy is what heals, love is not on the same frequency as fear. And problems belong to fear. See where I am going with this?

In the end it’s always about love, and connecting to this energy consciously every moment of every day, because in the end, the titles, the job, and looks will not count for much when they are left behind. The soul, the essence of who you are and what you share will be the legacy you leave behind for others to be felt. Let love be your legacy.

Terrylee x

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