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Fearless love.

What is love? Seems like a logical question and perhaps even an answer, but do we really fully understand the meaning behind love. I don't think we understand the extent love travels, we get so caught up in our idea of perfection, of world outlooks, of what we should know, or what we should have. Perhaps if I have this, it will bring love to me. Perhaps if I had that, it would let me feel love. Love is the unseen. Love is knowing that you are being guided through growth and watching yourself evolve into something never imagined. Imagine the best you possible, no flaws. No social status. No brand tattooed from society. The best you possible, the most caring, compassionate, human being. Key word *being*. This is who you truly are. You truly are made of love and will return to love one day. When we are finished our growth and evolution we can then return to our eternal being in love.

We as humans have egos, egos that keep us from reaching our maximum potential in this life time, but this is what we chose. To face with a 50/50 chance of evolution or trial an error. Some of us choose to see life as a struggle, while others see the struggle as a lesson, an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to become one. What is your lesson in this lifetime? What do you need to learn from that relationship that didn't work out? Find the growth, and watch love pour down from the Heavens.

Can we all accept we are delusional, and move on from this? Why is this still something people are talking about. When can we see that every one of us is going through something, a battle, within self, or out. We are all not perfect, and never will be. We just are. Beings of light. Growing, evolving, loving, and finding the gratitude in every day, in every moment.

Today is all you have. I am sure you have heard this before. But think about the last touch, the last sight, the last taste. Would you be content going home tomorrow? What changes can you make today to insure a brighter tomorrow. What changes can you grow from. It's time to make a change, for yourself. The world will follow. Let's hold hands, Spirit is waiting. Take a step into the unknown knowing there will always be another step, raising you up higher then the last. After all, what is there to fear? Really. You have nothing to loose, but everything to gain while you are here. So do that thing you wanted, take that chance, because there is never really failure, only opportunities. Love yourself, you deserve it. I send you many blessings from my raw thoughts. Thoughts of happiness, fear-less, and LOVE.

Terrylee xx


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