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It's time to take back your power.

I want to share with you some knowledge I come to fully embrace over the last week. You've all hear the term, surrender. I'm sure most of you are familiar with it.. "Surrender to what is". Well it's definitely easier said then done. I think we all go through a period in our lives were we have to face the dark sky. What do you see when you look up at a dark sky? Well to some, not a whole lot. Ever notice how bright the stars shine contrast to the sheet of the night sky? You are that star, your partner is the one beside you, the neighbor is right next to you, your children are a few stars away, and the guy you just met at the grocery store is a few stars down. We are all so connected to each other, but it's in the darkness that it's reveal. It doesn't matter which analogy you use, nature will always be our greatest teachers, it's only a matter on observing in silent. Nature teaches us the greatest gift we will ever come to understand.. Surrender. A tree that grows tall does not worry whether it will be cut down tomorrow, yet it has a heart beat, grows tall, rebirths new leaves, and connects with a network under the surface of the earth. It grows to just be. Be present in this moment and give what it has to offer without expecting anything in return. You are that tree, and we must connect with our roots.

When life gets tough, you reflect on so much and most of the time without realizing it you become either a) a victim of your circumstance or b) you fight the grain of life. Please remember that you can choose the outcome. You can choose your destiny. You did not come here to suffer, or lack abundance. YOU chose to come here to learn and to grow. You can do this by surrendering. By knowing that there is a much bigger picture happening all within you. Not around you, but within you. The key to surrendering to these problems which are merely illusions is by accepting. I am sure you all heard the sentence " Accept what you cannot change " It really is that simple, and I want to break it down easy for you. Take an example that you can use that applies to you at this very moment. Say an illness. I want to help you put a stop to this meaningless fight in your ego driven mind. Your mind loves the fact that it is causing you anxiety. It loves to have you obsessing, replaying, rerunning thoughts. So you decide you are done with this waist of energy. I surrender God, Higher Power, Universe. Please help me know that there is a spiritual solution to every problem. Help me find the lesson and growth. Help me accept. Ahh.. When you can fully accept the illness, own it, without guilt or anger or fear, you reclaim your power. You take control over your ship. You now shift your vibration to a higher frequency which allows Divine guidance to be of greater assistance. I know it can be a scary thing to accept an illness, but know that this is not submissive, it is your Divine power growing within you. You do NOT need to be in control, because you can't. Sure you can try but it is exhausting, and could be using the same energy for growth. When you can flow, and know fully in your heart that God has led you to it, and he will lead you through it, healing can occur. Acceptance is the start of healing. Believe that everything is happening in Divine order. Believe and know that all is how it should be. Know for a fact that your biggest challenge is certainly your greatest gift! Search for the lesson. Know that there is growth there! Accept what you cannot change.

From a human ego perspective, I know that there is a million reasons why you can't accept it. You could sit on that couch for over an hour and worry, but your problems will still be there when you get up. Will you be any happier? Worrying only takes away this moments peace. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow hasn't happened yet. Be in this moment and create the next with peace. Thank God for tomorrow. Be still and listen to your heart beat, you have a huge purpose here in this lifetime. Believe in yourself!

The best part is, you can accept right now. Not when you have time to sit down and think for a moment, or in a few days when you thought it through. Right this minute choose to accept and know Divine love and guidance is right beside you, holding you hand leading you through any obstacles along your path. Love is the only and most powerful energy force in this entire Universe. Use it, it is your birthright!

I believe in you. It's time to take back your power. Much love, Terrylee x


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