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If you don't know, let go

"Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity"

This week I wanted to share with you some thoughts about a shift or transformation that you may be going through at the moment or is to come. Everyone goes through changes, it's how we see these changes that define them. Sure some changes are great, but it's the changes that challenge our being or controls our attachments that is hard to grasp the lesson.

Ya, you feel me! The changes that have you stuck in fear. The changes where you replay how it will all work out, where you can't even leave it in God's hands because your ego hasn't reached that point in surrender yet. Or maybe you have, but you still re-run the "what if's?" or "maybe if I..". Our pre-conception and limiting beliefs are the blocks that hold us back from surrender, and inner peace. You need to first accept the moment as it is. I cannot begin to explain how powerful accepting the moment as it is, really is. You are acknowledging not only what's around you, but within you, because you become the observer and are fully present. Accepting what you can't change. This could be hard to verbalize, but I encourage you to speak out loud as you do this. *No you're not crazy for talking to yourself. Verbalize it. "You know what, I accept this moment as it is. I accept that right now I am feeling anxious, and fearful of the unknown. I accept that my body is tense. I accept that I am scared. I accept this moment as it is. " Just by you saying this, you have given your mind the FREEDOM it seeks. You freed yourself from the trap your ego was containing you in because you understand this moment as it is.

The next thing to do is Surrender. Once you come to accepting the moment as it is, surrendering is key to total freedom. No, you are not surrendering because you don't care. You are surrendering because something much bigger than you; that takes care of your being while you sleep, that spins and rotates the earth every second of every day, that makes sure the sun is on time every morning, is in taking care of every aspect of your life is Divine order. When you accept and ask God, Universe, Higher Power, Goddess (however you prefer) for the best in the situation and simply know that it will play out as so, usually, the outcome is even more miraculous then anticipated.

If you are feeling stuck, unsure, scared, fearful of change, or just don't know; just let go. Let go of the outcome, let go of the attachment, accept and hand it over to a greater force within you. Your soul knows what to do. You are fully equipped with every tool you will ever need within, it's a matter of turning within to find it.

I would like to end this week's inspiration with guided messages my team has shared with me over the last few weeks... "It's okay to not know, it's ok to not understand - it's ok to feel frightened because even if you do, even when the anxiety becomes unbearable you know the truth in your heart. Wholeness, guided, never separate, love. This is what you embody - the sacred vessel of love and Divinity always pours through you. It will guide you for eternity - Never be afraid, never. Feel the brief moment of peace in it and know that small piece is enough to get you through the hardship - it always will.

The problem is you are always in quest for something bigger than who you think you are. You are complete - formless and timeless. Spend time studying those words. This truth will set you free! The key to all is knowing the truth of who you are - trust, it has been guiding you for centuries, why doubt it now? Get to know your soul more and see magick unfold.

It is just a storm, it'll pass and we will be holding your hand every step of the way. "

You are so loved, protected, and always guided. Trust in yourself. Trust.

Much love my friend, Terrylee x


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